Return to Work SA – Employer remuneration return

If you are a business registered with Return To Work SA (RTWSA), you will need to provide an employer remuneration return no later than the 15th September 2021.


The employer remuneration return allows RTWSA to accurately calculate your insurance premium for the coming year. Should this form not be submitted by the due date listed above, the insurance premium can be calculated at an incorrect rate and you may find you receive a signification bill or refund at the end of the year.


Please be advised the first payment is due by the 7th October 2021.


You can lodge the RTWSA Employer Remuneration return via the online portal listed below, using an existing account, or creating a new account by clicking ‘Register here’:


For more information on:

  • What do I include/ provide in my employer remuneration return?
  • Paying your premium
  • Exemptions


Please visit the RTWSA Site,


We are more then happy to assist you with this process, should you have any concerns relating to the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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