About Us

Complete Business & Accounting Services (CBAS) is a well established accountancy firm providing a full range of taxation advisory and financial planning services to business owners, families & individuals.

With an experienced team of highly qualified accountants, we constantly aim to deliver a high standard of service. We provide a high level service to help you understand the often complex and technical areas of taxation and business. We’re here to help you minimise your tax and accelerate your wealth.

CBAS is a high performance, proactive Accounting Practice. We are focused and dedicated in providing an efficient and effective service.

Personalised service is a priority for our firm, where our philosophy is to engage frequently with our clients which is the key element to a long rewarding professional relationship.

We are a regionally based Accounting Practice in Port Lincoln SA, however our client base is spread nationally with significant service areas including South West WA (Brad Giles, Partner origin), Queensland, Adelaide and South East of South Australia.

With over 20 years experience in the Accounting industry the partners leading this Practice have extensive knowledge of varied commercial industries ranging from Agriculture, Aquaculture, transport, medicine, contracting, construction, engineering, manufacturing etc.

As a Proactive Accounting Practice we focus on service delivery, with efficiency being a priority.

We have developed leading edge Intellectual Property that enables us to efficiently process your financial accounting requirements, much faster than conventional Accounting Practice methods.

In order to adequately service your needs we take an upfront approach to understand what professional service you require, advise what the cost will be upfront and commit to a 14 day turnaround from receipt of all required client data. You can only provide this service if you have the systems and resources available.

With the network linkage to PAN, the Seventh largest Accounting firm in Australia, we have enormous levels of resources to service your needs anywhere in Australia, on a personalised level.


Every day we build personal relationships with people in business and offer cutting edge systems & strategies designed by us, to assist motivated people achieve the financial success and security they desire.


We are the go-to firm for implementing change and driving success. Engaging with like-minded, proactive, busines people who want to achieve success, in business and in life.











Honesty & Respect