COVID 19 Business Support Grant

COVID 19 has placed enormous amounts of pressure on businesses across Australia. With the recent July 2021 lockdowns occurring in South Australia, the Government has released the ‘COVID 19 Business Support Grant’ to assist effected businesses.


The Business Support Grant is to assist those businesses who have been affected by the 7-day lockdown in July, which includes a one-off payment of $3,000.00 for businesses who employ, or $1,000.00 for businesses who do not employ.


In order to be eligible for the COVID 19 Business Support Grant, businesses must be:

  • In operation within South Australia,
  • Experienced at least a 30% reduction in turnover in the week defined as Tuesday 20th July 2021 to Monday 26th July 2021 inclusive,
  • In addition to a list of other requirements, depending on your employing status.


If you believe your business may be eligible to receive this one off payment, go to and select the guidelines that are relevant to your employing situation, to self-assess your business for eligibility.


The above Department of Treasury and Finance link provides information on:

  • Eligibility
  • Available funding
  • Grant Use
  • How to Apply


PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the ‘COVID 19 Business Support Grant’ close Midnight 30th September 2021.


Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance with eligibility assessment, and the application process as we’re always happy to help.


P: (08) 8683 1222


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